65th wedding anniversary

31 August 2023

65th wedding anniversary

This week we have been celebrating Don and Mary’s 65th wedding anniversary.

We helped them celebrate along with their family and two bridesmaids by decorating the garden room and afternoon tea.

Don met Mary after he had seen her playing football for an all girls team and started to hang around after he had done his deliveries as a butchers boy.  They met in the village Laceby where they both lived and enjoyed picnics and the cinema when they were dating.  After the were married they went on to have 3 children and now also have grandchildren.

A special card from King Charles and Queen Consort Camilla also arrived, which they happily showed everyone.

Mary said ‘It was a lovely afternoon and far more than she had expected.’

Lifestyle co-ordinator commented ‘Don and Mary are a very special couple, celebrating their love after all these years was wonderful to be a part of. We hope they enjoyed their celebrations as much as we all did. It was great to have their bridesmaids as part of the celebrations also.’

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