Bank holiday bingo bonanza

4 September 2023

Bank holiday bingo bonanza

What a cracking afternoon we’ve had at our Bank holiday bingo bonanza event, it’s been an absolute blast. When residents and families arrived they chose one of our fancy dress items to wear during the game or a Bingo Buddy.

As well as our usual bingo lingo (2 little ducks, quack quack) numbers ending in 9 meant it was disco time and we had to act out the YMCA. Numbers ending in 2 from 32 onwards meant we had to shout out a ‘Whoop Whoop’ with party hand actions.

Everyone picked prizes for winning a line and full house winners chose one of our hampers. We also joined in with a celebratory dance after each game. Afterwards we enjoyed fish and chips in nostalgia style chip shop paper and finished the afternoon off with beach ball games.

A huge thank you to the residents, their families and the team members for joining in with us. We’re incredibly grateful for your continued support, you really do make such a big difference.

Hayley, activity lead said ‘I loved organising this event but it really wouldn’t be possible without the support of the wonderful team and lovely families. I feel very lucky to work with such an incredible team that always go above and beyond and to have the continued support from the amazing families. The residents had a brilliant time, they had so much fun and there was so much laughter. That’s what it’s all about. Thank you team Cloverleaf.’

Sarah, Administrator commented, ‘Fabulous as always Hayley, you really do get the party started. It looked like an amazing day.’

Jan, Registered Nurse commented, ‘Hayley you blew it out the ball park again brilliant idea.’

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